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blending therapies of Yoga, Thai massage & Pilates reformer


Sarah's Story


Sarah Haroldsen

Yoga Therapist, Thai  Massage Therapist, Ergonomics Specialist & Pilates Trainer

 "I listen & create a blend of body work, strength & massage  just for your individual needs."

Sarah has spent the last 20 years in the wellness industry guiding movement, alignment, & overall mind body Wellness. Working one on one with her students, smaller group settings or guiding workshops and retreats.  Her goal is to educate others on how to hear the signals of your own bodies needs & feel the importance in listening to it. 

Sarah has witnessed her clients create a quality of life with less pain & more mobility.  Through her degrees & studies in Anatomy & Physiology she discovered the healing benefits of  massage, yoga therapy & the remedial movements of pilates.  She has witnessed the healing benefits with ages from 10  to 104 years old.  Sarah has found many specialties in her passion for the body, focusing on strengthening & repair of the pelvic floor, injury rehab, meditation to relieve pain, pre/postnatal, arthritic pain, and teaching awareness as well as connection to your own bodies needs.  

She is a advocate for bringing in Mindfulness to your body movements and focuses on each body individually “body recipe” for individual healing.

Sarah is a proud mother of 3 teenage kids. They all take full advantage of the NW outdoor playground we live in. Enjoying camping, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, & board games on those NW rainy days! 

We are all intuitive of what our bodies need, I help you learn to listen.

“I believe strongly that the mind can heal the body and the body can heal the mind. They are in sync. My goal is to leave every student with a better understanding of this connection through movement, while letting the body be our guide in our healing process. Our body is intuitive and already knows what it needs. I help you stop and listen.” - Sarah